20.07.2013, Saturday, 6:38 pm

I was SO BORED last night because mum, grandma and my sis were watching a weird movie on the telly and I was in no mood to watch stupid films on the T.V. So I curled up on my bed and composed a poem. It goes like this:

FLAWLESS –by Taylor Skarr aged eleven

With teeth so fine and sunburnt hair

My mummy’s like a gem, so rare!!

So good, so kind, a fine example

Take some of her talent, coz’ she’s got ample!

She’s tall, she’s strong and she’s good at heart

She’s smart, she’s lovely, a lover of art

She’ll brighten your day like a lamp in a room

Her smile, her smile, it’ll make you swoon!!

My mother is perfect, not a flaw in her being,

Her courage is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

She spreads her joy like a Sun, its rays

Just hearing her voice will leave you in an untameable daze

She’s got a massive heart of the purest gold

Around her one can never feel cold

She makes me eat some ghastly green stuff

Though she does know when enough is enough

I’m not being mushy, that’s something I hate

But how can one shut up about someone so great??

I love my mum as she loves me

But I’m sure I love her more, you see?

She’s a selfless, loyal, devoted friend

She’s also one who ever pretend

Now, these lines I’m about to convey

I say them repeatedly, day after day

But I want to voice it again and again


Please don’t tell me you enjoyed that poem. It’s full of clichés and whatnot, but I’m working on it. Mum says she liked it a lot, and if she’s happy, then I’m happy. I mean, if not for making her smile, what is the use of me writing this poem??

Phew, today was hectic. I woke up at around nine, and after that, everything is fuzzy because it happened so fast. I vaguely remember wolfing down three banana-and-Nutella pancakes before zipping into the car which transported me, my mum and Kathryn [my sis] to “Theatre”; a posh auditorium. The reason we were going there was because it was our school’s annual day.

Last year, I for our school’s yearly assembly, I was singing a solo and taking part in the choir [the club I chose] so I was definitely included. This year… well, let’s put it this way; there was too little time for all the classes to perform in the assembly, let alone a couple of little girls belting out  unaccompanied tunes, so my chances of a solo were kicked out. Plus, I couldn’t even perform in the choir because if you wanted to do that [sing with the choir], you’d have to stay after-school-hours to practise every single day for a whole month!! Mum made it very clear from the beginning of my schooling at George Bush Middle School that there would be NO WAY that she’d allow me to stay after-school [EVER!] because that would mean that she’d have to personally drive all the way to my school and that “not over her dead body” was she going to travel thirty kilometres [one-way] in the choke-full highways to pick me up just for a measly hour of rehearsal and I’d jolly well have to come back home in the bus like everybody else. [That’s, like, the longest sentence I’ve every typed, let alone written]

So that’s that, I guess. >Shrugs nonchalantly<


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