17.07.2013, Tuesday, 4:08 pm

Today we had THREE tests that I was not aware of. Thankfully they were all easy. Oh, and today, during recess, we (“we” as in Isabelle, Ashley, Evelyn, Amber, Trista and I) just ran about the school campus and water-bombed everyone who passed the third staircase. Yeah, this is the life. And guess what? I was walking along the corridors during the last period when Vice Principal Tara spotted me. She was all…

Tara Ma’am (TM): Good morning, Taylor

Me (ME!!): Morning, ma’am!!

TM: I would like you to have a word with teacher Patricia Willcox. She has a special English assignment for you. She’s in the staff room right now, I would like you to meet her now,and inform her that I sent you. 

Me: Oh…okay, ma’am.

TM: Is there anyone else in your grade who is particularly good in English??

Me: Um… Ashley Martins??

TM: Very well then, take her along with you.

Me: Yes ma’am. Thank you!! *SCURRIES AWAY*

When I managed to locate Ash, the both of us trotted up to the second floor and patiently waited for Miss Willcox. Eventually, Teacher Pat noticed us  casually lingering by the door and came out to see what we were up to. When we told her the reason for our visit, she invited us inside and gestured for us to sit on one of the club chairs while she told us that… SHE HAS SELECTED US (indirectly; Tara ma’am was the one who directly chose us) TO WRITE FOR THE NEWSPAPER!!! AND NOT EVEN JUST THE SCHOOL PAPER!!!!!!!! A PAPER THAT HAS CONTACTED OUR SCHOOL AND WANTS TWO PUPILS TO SUBMIT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE WHOLE STATE WILL BE ABLE TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Too excited to type. My fingers aren’t pressing the right keys… Later, gator!!


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