14.07.2013, Sunday, 3:08 pm

There are some people who you just gotta’ love, like my dog, Feni (if she can be classified as a “person”). But, like every positive number has a negative side, there are some people, who you just CAN’T get yourself to like. Take my sister, for example. I’ve lived with her since the time she’s existed, so I think I should know how she is deep down. 

Well, let me begin by saying that she has two sides. One part of her is reserved for my mum, my dad, my grandma, my grandpa and just about everybody she knows except for (you guessed it) me. The side that’s reserved for yours truly is, believe me, not pretty. It’s a bad side, and you don’t wanna’ ever get to check it out. 

But the part of her that’s visible to just about everyone else is a “angelic doll who just can’t misbehave”, as my grandma once put it. I guess that’s how you would see her. My sister has a saintly smile that melts my parents’ hearts. She’s quite the actress, and can twist people around her fingers without their knowledge. But what my relatives DON’T know is that when my sis and I are left alone, she’s a horrible demon. 

To explain things a bit better, let me narrate what happened today. 

The Skarr family was having a pleasant time, eating lunch while watching the newest episode of “Mind-Your-Language.” My mum was merrily cracking jokes that left the rest of us rolling on the floor, laughing (or ROFL as the teens of today would say). My parents finished their meal and strolled over to the kitchen to keep their dishes away. 

I hardly even realized that I was alone in the hall with my sister until “it” happened. I was just about to get up when, 





My plate toppled on the floor, strewing left-overs everywhere. I briskly picked up my platter and marched to the utility. Picking up a mop, I quickly explained what happened to my mum and paraded to the T.V room once again. 

I picked up my glass of water and gestured for my sister to just hold it for a while. *Poof!* She transformed from Caring Catherine to Fiendish Flora. ‘No,’ she stubbornly replied, sticking out her pink tongue. I only just stopped a cure from rolling out my mouth. Precariously placing the cup on a chair that looked like it was on its last legs, I swept the whole place and washed up the area. I decided to forgive my sister for her unkind deed and let bygones be bygones. 

‘What are you watching??’ I asked, flopping on a couch. ‘None of your business,’ she snapped. (Now, let me make it very clear. I could have neatly boxed her ears so hard that she’d howl in pain for a month of Sundays. But she is SUCH  tattletale. Nothing happens to her that my parents don’t know about) I ignored her comment and allowed her some time to cool off. 

I attempted again, after, say, about fifteen minutes. ‘Hey, I heard there’s a brilliant episode of “Modern Family”coming on right about now,’ I informed.  ‘What do you expect me to do??’ she interrogated with a nasty edge creeping up her voice.

 You see?? She’s not all peaches and cream. I’d say, she isn’t even one bit  peaches and cream. 

Oops, I’ve got to go. We’re going to the movies today. Night!!


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