13.07.2013, Saturday, 5:07 pm

Yesterday’s karate class was AWESOME!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Whats new?? I ALWAYS love my karate sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Unfortunately, every time I even think about anything related to Martial Arts, my tummy flutters with butterflies and I feel my nerves wobbling like a mountain of cranberry jelly because of my upcoming karate exam. (Okay, time for me to change the topic. I can feel another blood-vessel that’s about to burst under pressure)

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m kind of sad about today not being a school day. I guess I’m not a COMPLETE school hater, after all. I really miss the constant chatter that hangs about our class room all day. It somehow seems so… homely. I know, I’m not making any sense right now, am I?? Anyway, I just completed an hour of playing Beethoven on my piano that was followed by mum dripping a weird concoction into my eyes because they (my eyes) have swollen to the size of ping-pong balls. I seriously don’t know how I’m managing to stare at the SUPER BRIGHT computer screen for this long.

I have some REALLY GOOD news and some DEVASTATINGLY DEVASTATING news. The DEVASTATINGLY DEVASTATING  news is that… I DON’T HAVE A BOOK TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??????!!!!!!!?????? The REALLY GOOD news is that except for the novel problem, my life is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!! I mean, it sure seems like that at the moment. Yeah, I know, pride comes before a fall. Whether or not it does, I plan on savoring this brilliant moment. How?? You might ask. Well, by snuggling in my woolen duvet with a mug of cocoa in one hand and the iPad mini in the other, that’s how!!!!

Taylor Skarr,

Over and Out.


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