09.07.13, Tuesday, 5:28 pm

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GLAD I WENT FOR THE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS A TRILLION UNCLE K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER GOING TO FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!! (There are going to be a lot of exclamation marks and capital letters accommodated during the length of this post, so you better get used to it) TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Calm yourself Taylor. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, in…

SO GLAD I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m guessing you want to know the cause of the sudden outburst. It all began a few weeks ago with dad casually mentioning Uncle Kevin (a close buddy) redoing the teen’s website he had created a year ago, due to the fact that the site’s popularity hit rock bottom. I was only half listening to him. I mean, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??????? I was having short panic attacks, thinking about my upcoming karate exam.

Anyway, dad brought it up again during dinner that day, adding something about a  small “get-together” Uncle Kev was arranging to promote ScoolDudes.com

I listened patiently while draining a steaming mug of chai. At that time, I didn’t even think twice about the “get-together.”I just bobbed my head up and down whenever dad looked at me expectantly.

So, just a few days back, dad reminded me about the “get-together.”I had completely forgotten about it, but kept my cool and acted like as if it was on my mind all along. He told me to pack my suitcase with a dozen sweaters because we were going for a trip to a hill station where Uncle Kev was holding the “get-together!!!!” Only, dad made it sound more like a two-day holiday, instead of the one hour meeting I had pictured in my mind when dad first said “get-together.”

Anyway, I stuffed my bag with woollens and stockings and before I knew it, the day we were going to depart started. I woke up bright and early (if you consider twelve o’clock bright an early) and started the day with a quick glimpse at the Times. The rest of the afternoon passed in a flash, and the next thing I knew, my parents, my sister and I were sitting on a train to Twigg County, the ScoolDudes advertisement site.

The journey passed on smoothly, and I was soon jolted to a wake by mum at four in the morning. I speedily brushed my knotted tangles and slipped on a Nike jacket just before mum bustled me out onto the lively station. It took us two hours (by car) to reach the “hotel” if “Camp Mistea” can be classified as one. Camp M is set on a scenic hillock, and one can spot it from a mile away, what with the vibrant tents and the pale make-shift dining area.

We were greeted warmly by Aunt Lara and Amber, uncle K’s wife and daughter respectively. Kathryn (my sis, in case you forgot) and I gasped at the beautiful shrubs and the magnificent birds that perched themselves on members of the undergrowth.

Before I could take it all in, the whole ScoolDudes team (of which I am a part of) as commanded by Uncle K to trek up a mound and wait there for further instructions. Rather liking the mystery, I followed the group of weary aunts and chattering juveniles up a cliff where the first thing I spotted was a MASSIVE boulder with a tiny figure on top.

‘Hello ScoolDudes!!’ The figure bellowed. ‘Good morning!’ we chorused. As the minutes wore on, I understood what we were supposed to do. The boulder, the height, the man on top!! It all figured!! We were going to do… ‘…Rappelling!!the man announced. The team erupted, everybody clasping, some adults nervously giggling. Do you know what rappelling is all about?? If you don’t, then let me tell you. It’s basically:

  1. Climbing up the rock, one way or the other
  2. Fixing yourself to a safety harness and a trusty rope
  3. Lean back until you are fully horizontal
  4. Aided by nothing other than the rope, descend the rock using a series of short jumps

Believe me, it’s not as easy or difficult as you think it is. The whole afternoon was spent rappelling, each and every person (baring a mere handful) dangling on a string till they reached solid ground.

After this activity, everyone was loaded into automobiles and rushed off to Keystone, a nearby restaurant and bee sanctuary. The manager of the place gave us a quick tour before we settled down on comfy chairs for a scrumptious lunch of pasta, French fries, juice, fruit and chocolate.

As soon as the last plate was wiped out, everyone briskly sped off to their respective sedans. We were driven to a lush park with an artificial lake in the middle, where some of us indulged in a boat ride along the water body. We snacked on butter cookies and fried pastries.

Twilight was setting in once we reached Camp Mistea. Uncle Kevin started a roaring bonfire that kept swallowing branches and bits of wood. While the elders sang oldies, we kids munched on gooey-centered, roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. That night, I fell asleep even before my head hit the pillow!! Everybody  in Camp M was peacefully snoring by midnight, snugly hugged in the cozy sleeping bags.

By the next crack of dawn, all of us (that is, team ScoolDudes) were stretching and squeezing ourselves, trying to imitate the yoga instructor who had been appointed. After the early yoga session, everyone dug into their breakfasts and that was when Uncle Kevin announced his first surprise. ‘Kids,’ he began. ‘We’re all going for a bike ride!!’ All of us screeched in each others ears and hurriedly swallowed the remains of the buttery scrambled egg. The ones who finished first excietedly popped on helmets and gloves. Uncle Kevin then drove all of us to the top of a small hill where there was a stack of brand new bicycles, ready to be ridden. I plonked myself on a sporty yellow cycle, and we were all soon darting past trees and all sorts of obstacles.

Of course, we stopped at regular intervals to sip a few drops of chilled lemonade, but as soon as we could, we resumed our ride, screaming at the top of our lungs and inhaling the refreshing mountain air. All too soon, it was time for us to head back. My sister (since she can’t ride two wheeled bike yet) along with other kids was just lazing around Camp M when we returned. Uncle Kev immediately prepared protein shakes and requested all the bikers to drink a bit.

Just after I wiped of the last droplets of the nutritious milk, mum and dad told me that it was time to leave for the airport. I felt my heart slamming. Literally. The sides of my mouth drooped down, but I felt a little better when I realized that most of the others were departing today, too.

Please, PLEASE check out ScoolDudes.com It is because of Uncle Kevin that I had a SUPERB weekend instead of just sunning myself in the courtyard.

Over and Out (for now, at least),



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