03.07.2013, Wednesday, 6:10 pm

Did I mention the holiday my parents are taking me on this weekend before??? Well, if not, then I’d better note it down, in case of any future references. Anyway, my whole immediate family and I are journeying to Florida for the weekend. The reason is this; my dad’s close buddy, Kevin, had inaugurated a website for teens about a year ago. There was a lot of community help, and a lot of people were involved in the “Grand Opening,” or the first time the site was open to public. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a bit hit among people. So Kevin has decided to reform the whole thing, and so that’s why we are travelling to Florida, for the unveiling of the new and improved ScoolDudes.com

I, personally, can’t wait to check it out. And the same goes for my parents. We are SUPER EXCITED about the vacation (at least my sister and I are) and guess what??? WE ARE GOING TO BE STAYING IN TENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You may be thinking, “Is she WACKO?? Who squeals over sleeping in TENTS???” But believe me, in my life, its a FANTASTIC thing. One of the WORST parts about this holiday is that I we won’t be taking Feni (my dog) along. Worse luck!

Oops!! Dad is threatening to accidentally forget about my pocket money this month (Like as if I even GET pocket money!! Isabella and Evelyn, two CLOSE buddies, get twenty and thirty bucks (respectively) EVERY WEEK!!!!!!! Meanwhile, poor me get NO CASH AT ALL. Zero. Nil. NOTHING.) if I don’t shut of the computer now. LATER GATOR!!


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