03.07.2013, Wednesday, 5:38 pm

Back from footie coaching classes. It sucked. You want to know why?? I’ll tell you. In fact, I want the whole WORLD to know what happened so that they won’t make the same mistake I did; going to the class in the first place.

So, anyway, what basically took place was:

  Taylor Skarr’s FIRST EVER footie class

1:32- Watch the rest of the class fill out. Heaved a sigh of relief. The only ones in the class are Trisha, Malaika, Fern, Carmen, Heidi and I. Except for Fern and I, the other girls are going to attend choir practice. I gulp guiltily, as I’m also supposed to be present for choir sessions.

1:34- Head of to the lady’s room to change from my olive green uniform to my Chelsea football jersey.

1:47- Emerge from the first stall sporting my new socks and shin guards. I pray that the football lesson won’t we cancelled due to the lashing rain. Fern shares the same concern.

1:54- Return to class. Bid farewell to Malaika and Carmen. Heidi and Trisha have already gone downstairs. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, though the cause is unknown.

2:15- Haul my bag pack and trudge down the forlorn stairs to the slushy grounds.

2:16- Worst fears are confirmed. Footie is most probably going to be cancelled, says the head P.E teacher (the only P.E teacher, actually). I gaze at the cloud-lined sky. Hear faint, melodious voices filtering the corridor, probably the choir in full swing. The sick feeling refuses to go away.

2:37- Jogging around the “football field.” More like a pool of muck. I sigh once more. This is not going to be good.

2:54- Still stuck indoors. Rain is POURING.

3:23- Grueling?? Not so much. We hardly kicked the ball once. I slap my forehead in disgust. How are we ever going to prepare for the championship?? I ask myself. Too afraid to think of an answer.

3:37- Finally troop out as the showers take a break. All we manage to accomplish is get dirty. And soaked. And worn out.

3:42- Ushered back inside. Swearing pretty strongly in my mind.

3:46- Spot mum and sis perched on a bench, spying on me. I wave. They wave back.

3:54- Rinse out the mud lodged between my studs. Cursing myself for even getting enrolled in the first place.

4:02- Slam mum’s sedan door shut. NO WAY AM I GOING TO EVER LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN, I grow under my breath.

Yeah. Not exactly the best footie session there ever was. Oh, and one thing I forgot to add was me backing out of the choir. You see, there’s this inaugural ball or something that the choir is singing for, and if we want to take part, we need to come after school. Since I thought that this football thing would take up most of my free time, I decided it was best to just push myself out of this particular party. Just this once.


I hate dislike my my school.


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