28.06.2013, Friday, 4:20 pm (precisely)

Tomorrow we have the school elections!! Yeah!!! This is the first time I get to vote, due to the fact that LAST time (which was the first time my class mates got to vote) I called in sick on the “day” without even knowing that it was the “day.” This kind of thing always happens to me. :/

Anyway, I’m still not sure about who to vote for. I mean, at least two dozen students from the eight, ninth and tenth grades have literally PLEADED with me to vote for them. Some of them have even BRIBED. I’m not sure whether that’s even LEGAL. But, I mean, whatever, considering I’m an outlaw and all. 😛

Today was AWESOME!!! My close pal, Malaika and another firm buddy, Carmen, bunked SO MANY CLASSES just wandering about and giggling. We almost got busted when Mademoiselle Zeline (our French Teacher, as you might have guessed) turned in our direction. Thankfully, we were able to duck under a colorful banner put up by one of the candidates.

Ooh, there one thing I’ve kept hidden from you, dear diary. You may not be too happy to hear this, but I’m cheating on you. Yeah, Malaika and I keep a school journal (which we BOTH write in), where we record our innermost thoughts and emotions, because we trust each other.

So, one day, while walking into class after a special assembly, Malaika noticed our SUPER SECRET DIARY ON TEACHER’S TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We totally freaked, because whoever had placed our journal over there had to have done it while we were downstairs in the auditorium, but who could that be, because the whole school was down with us???

Anyway, our Spanish teacher called Mal and I to her table because she noticed our names plastered on the front of the pad. Apparently, she READ THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started hyperventilating and Mal was suffering a panic attack. Who even HEARD OF A TEACHER READING A STUDENT’S SUPER SECRET DIARY????????????? WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR TEACHING STAFF???????

Teacher handed the booklet back to us and I immediately jotted down a list of curses. Mal totally understood. In fact, she added a few, too. I felt like kicking myself, even though it wasn’t my fault. You see, what REALLY happened, was, Ryan, a guy from the other class, had overheard from someone that Malaika and I had written something about him in our journal (WHICH WE HAD NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD WE WASTE OUR PRECIOUS PEN INK ON WART-FACED RYAN???????) and when he was sent to his class for behaving badly during the assembly, he sneaked into Malaika’s locker and feasted his curiosity. Our Spanish teacher caught him. She punished him justly and guess what??

Turns out, Miss Emmile (our Spanish teacher) didn’t read even a WORD in our diary. Phew!!

What a hectic day THAT was.


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