8.6.2013, Saturday, 1:10 pm

Yeah! Mum gave me the computer password!! She shoots, she scores!!! I am so happy right now, I’ve basically plonked down on Cloud Ten! Gosh, it really has been a while since I’ve written a proper entry in you, eh diary?? So I’m going to make this one extra long, which is probably for the best because I have TONS of stuff to tell you.

Let me start with the 2nd of this month. Why the second?? You may be wondering. Well, its because we (as in Kathryn and I) made two absolutely MARVELOUS friends who couldn’t be more similar to us.

Similar as in age-wise AND personality wise. How cool is that?? Anyway, Megan, the elder of the two sisters, is twelve, one year elder to me and there is Samantha, the younger sibling, who is eight and one year younger than MY younger sis, Kathryn.

And we are the perfect friends because:

1) The age says everything, you know?? I mean, their ages are as close as you’ll get to the difference between my sister and I.

2) The elder one is the techno addict, just like yours truly, and the younger sis is the fashionista, exactly like Kathryn!!

3) We (Meg and I) also have blogs and are die-hard fans of Maroon5 (you know, the AWESOMEST heavy metal band EVER!!) and their totally talented lead vocalist’s (Adam Levine, duh!) voice and funky tattoos. The only thing we don’t agree on is fashion. I’m okay with yesterdays jersey, but for Meg, that’s a totally fashion emergency.

Okay, this list could practically go on forever. Because we are SO ALIKE!! I can’t believe I’ve found already my long-lost sisters!! And Sammy is SO CUTE I could just EAT HER UP!!

Well, they left just two days ago. Yeah, I was feeling a bit depressed. But they swore that they’d be back, and we exchanged email ID’s, so at least we can keep in touch.

But even though I was down in the dumps when they departed, I had something else to look forward to… THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

It’s not like I like school or anything. Personally, I feel like the concept of studying if you don’t want to is a waste, because when you do something you don’t enjoy, it just goes over your head, doesn’t it??

The reason I like the first day is because I get to meet my school mates after ever so long,  the whole class room smells like new books and I get to meet my new class teacher…

But that’s about it. That’s all I like about school, period. I’m not particularly keen on the concept of people drilling dates and facts into my head. If I want to learn something, I’ll do it myself, thank you very much. But there are some subjects that I genuinely enjoy. Like biology. History has always been a favourite, so has Geography. Math is awesome, like a language on its own. English… what’s there not to like about it??

Yeah, fine. I’ll admit it. I like studying. By studying, I mean in the classroom. Not at home. I absolutely detest mugging up my text books before going to school. So in that way, it’s good I have a fairly okay memory. When it comes to some stuff at least. For example, when I’m focused and paying attention, I can remember a LOT of things. But when my mind is somewhere else… well, good luck trying to telling me what a hole in one is.

My first day was quite successful, really. I discovered that my best friend (at school) was in my class, and that I got the teacher I have been literally praying for. I also discovered that French classes (I am so excited about that!! Our school introduced French session this year only) are going to be even more fun because the teacher (we’re supposed to call her Mam’zelle, just like in Mallory Towers!!!!!!!!!!)  looked like she’s never been tricked even once.

I got elected vice prefect. Next month I’ll be head monitor and someone else will take over as vice. Cool right?? But the best part about this academic year is that my best friend (at school) and I will be reunited. See, last year we were in separate classes, though we met each other every single recess.

Oops, I have to go for a “nature ramble” with my mum, which is, in reality, a walk to the super store to buy some provisions.

‘Night, dear diary!!


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