5.6.2013, Wednesday, 10:23 am

School sucks. I guess I knew it all along, but my seventh grade class really drove it home. It’s filled to the brim with LOSERS. Yeah, I know. “Everyone is a winner in their own way.” But I think its time for the world to face facts. Guys who regularly “pants” our Science teacher and have failed the FIRST GRADE (which is something rather impossible, come to think about it) are LOSERS.

The only thing nice about this class is thatΒ  have finally had the privilege of being thought under my favorite teacher in the whole wide universe, Miss MacDonald. Oh, and Melissa, my best friend in school in the fourth grade, is also a part of Miss MacDonald’s class. So is Carmen, another close buddy. So at least I’m not ALONE in a SEA OF INSANITY which is the exact definition of our classroom.

My sister isn’t with HER special pal this year, though. She got so upset, she actually burst into tears on the way home! I felt kind of sorry for her. Just a little bit, though.

Oops, the electricity has been cut off. Later!


4 thoughts on “5.6.2013, Wednesday, 10:23 am

  1. WHAAAAA………………..?! u told me you luvd ur class?? like, gurl, ik it’s lame &all but u said u liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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