2.6.2013, Sunday, 1:46 pm

Surfing the net. That’s what I’m doing tight now. Blindly searching for some stupid site that can provide me with SOME entertainment. The crossword website that I usually go to is repeating the same puzzle again and again. I’m feeling SO irritable right now. Granted, that’s how I usually feel thanks to my horrid, flaring temper, but now I’m feeling EXTRA annoyed.

I guess it’s most probably got something to do with the damp weather. Its been raining cats and dogs these past few days. I bet the plants are feeling real pleased. I can’t blame them, you know? On an average, I drink two huge tumblers of water an hour. These guys (a.k.a the plants) just get one big gulp a day. I feel so sorry for them. That’s why whenever I’m on “watering” duty, I make sure that each and every sapling gets at least half a liter. That takes the guilt away. Just a bit, though.

Daddy’s going off on a business trip tomorrow. I can’t imagine how he can eat all of that ghastly airplane food. I feel like bringing it all out after just one entree. And he has to survive on that for a few days. It makes me dizzy just THINKING about it. Poor dad. I feel sorry for him, I really do.

Oh, and I read in the paper today about some match-fixing scam going on in India. I didn’t know people could even stoop so low. It has spoiled the game for millions of people out there. Whenever someone goes thorough a brilliant over or a brilliant batsman gets stumped, there will be a silent though lingering in your mind. Was that… I don’t now, maybe a fixed over??

Oh, I got to go for my Swimming class. Bye, dear diary!






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