26.5.2013, Sunday, 5:17 pm

Well, today was… cool. It started off as a typical Sunday, mum coaxing me out of the indigo twin bed that I share with my little pest of a sister. I pleaded for an extra five minutes to snuggle with in my comfy duvet, but mum was persistent. Its not like I didn’t want to go for my Sunday weapons training session, its just that I would’ve really treasured a few extra seconds in my blanket.

Somehow mum succeeded in her daily mission, and I was hauled out of bed. Totally sleepy, I dragged my stiff legs behind me and trudged off to my not-so humungous closet where I carefully chose my cleanest karate gi (uniform) and my blue belt. After changing and refreshing myself, I twisted a banana from its cluster and chomped it off before you could say ‘Chocolate fudge with extra nuts and Hershey’s sauce drizzled all over!’

Dad gulped down a steaming mug of Chai before fetching the keys of our Chevrolet that would take me from my front porch to the doorstep of my karate sir’s abode. Upon reaching my class, I waved good-bye to dad and bolted the gate of my karate sir’s place shut. The class went great, with sensei praising me tons.

As soon as mum arrived up the asphalt, I made a dash for the car, because if I didn’t, I would be late for my music class, worse luck! Mum asked me how my class was and I informed her about an exhibition that was going to take place at the upcoming Tuesday and that sir had requested all the senior students to be present.

Once I reached home, I rushed up the stairs to my bedroom and changed from my now-sweaty uniform to a basketball jersey. Grabbing a buttered toast from my grandma’s grasp, I pecked her on both cheeks and raced off to my Music teacher’s place with my sister trailing at my heels. After that followed a relaxed music class in which I was thought a piece (by Sting) and my sister had some of her chord corrected.

Once I reached home, I checked the hollow of a tree stump that lay near a patch of rocks on our property in which a little birdie formed a nest with little spotted eggs. Fudge, my beagle, accompanied me as I admired it. Mum bellowed for me in a few minutes and ordered me to sit down and have a “proper breakfast.” I obediently wiped out three bowls of cereal with milk, half a watermelon, two slices of a golden loaf smeared with apricot jelly and a few plums.

Then dad’s pal showed up (actually, my pal too) with his wife and heir one year old twin girls, Sarah and Innaya. The twins were adorable and smiled the most angelic smiles you ever saw. At around three dad’s pal’s family and my parents crashed off for a couple hours beauty sleep. Sis and I surfed the Idiot Box for programs that we like and settled for two hours of culinary enlightenment for we watched Masterchef US season somehting-or-the-other.

Mum and dad have woken up now, and so have dad’s pal. He wants us to play hopscotch with him. Guess I’d better go then, right??

Tata for now, Taylor.


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