16.5.2013, Thursday, 11:07 am

Today is grandpa’s 76th birthday!!! Mum is taking all of us out to the Chinese place on Pine Lane for a b’day treat. I made grandpa a tastefully done up (if I may say so myself) card with lots of sparkling sequins and pop up cartoons. Sis and I were supposed to bake “mug-chocolate-cakes” for everyone last night, which is basically a chocolate cake in a cup, but that was not to be.

I began reading the bestselling novel,’The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ yesterday, but dad wanted to borrow it for his business trip, and  frankly, how could I say no being the kind, selfless person that I am?? So I lent it to him and now I’m book-less. That is so like me (NOT). Sacrificing for others all the time.

Mum prodded me out of bed at eight in the morning today to finish off the watering of the flower beds. I had a quick wash and then headed out to the fresh  outdoors where I wrestled with a water hose (I guess it wanted to sleep some more, too) and screwed open the tap so much that the water came belching out and I was drenched from head to toe.  Well, that wasn’t a very clever move (what was I thinking?? The pipe was aimed at my FACE! Duh, if it comes on, I’m obviously going to get soaked.)

Somehow, I finished my early-morning chore and was about to trudge back to my room and snooze some more when mum announced that we walk around the house and check out any improvements in the flowers that we water so patiently. I was totally bummed when mum said this because I realized that if she went around the right wing, she would notice the broken window of the store room and begin asking for explanations (not that I broke the window playing tennis, or something. It’s just that… OK, fine, I did it. Whatever.) So I rushed to mum’s side and steered her to the opposite side of the house, chatting nineteen to the dozen about weird, random stuff like, ‘Did you see that article about how drinking pen ink will kill you faster than poison??’

I was chattering like this until we reached the rear end of the house. And you will never guess what mum and I spotted perched on a tree in the backyard. We saw… A NEST WITH A POLKA-DOTTED EGG!!!!!!! I can’t believe I actually have one (a nest) right in my house (well, not exactly in my house, but whatever)!!  And the egg has to belong to some rare species because its azure with little hazelnut spots dabbed on its surface. It looks SO elegant.

The only con about the egg being tucked over here is that there are a LOT of crows swarming around the plant now, looking for the perfect moment to swoop down and gobble up some egg. So mum and I are taking turns to guard the egg, because under no circumstances are we letting the poor thing be eaten up before its even born!

But I’d rather it be devoured by ravenous birds than be shot by a hunter, you know what I mean?? Even though I love the little birdie that’s cuddled up inside, I love the crows, too. Oops, mum is calling me. It’s my turn to stand at attention in front of the little egg and protect it from the sweet crows who just happen to be hungry. Later!!


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