7.5.2013, Tuesday, 3:11 pm

So, like, tomorrow, I leave for my paternal grandpa’s birthplace to attend my great-uncle’s 80th birthday with my dad. Yippee. I mean, it’s going to be fun and all, hanging out with my dad the whole day and stuff. It’s just that I don’t exactly want to bunk my karate lessons so soon. I just took a one month’s break!! I’m feeling like such a traitor right now…

And yesterday, at karate, guess what sensei (my sir) made us as a snack?? Some fried Indian delicacy and…… and RAW MANGO SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!! It was THE best. Ever. I will never forget that rich, sour symphony of fruit that burst my taste buds like a crate of TnT.

I got another book by Meg Cabot at the library yesterday. I finished it in precisely three and a half hours. I guess I should try to slow down my reading pace. And today I started writing my first fantasy novel. It was great. I’m not sure about what I should name the book, but here’s an extract from the synopsis:

Brittney and Brianna… two urban chicks who share the (not so) close bond of sisterhood. Brittney has always been the straight A, athletic, social bee, while Brianna is known for her drop-dead gorgeous outfits, excellent pointers on fashion and delicate features. They enjoy perfect lives, what with Brittney winning the national basketball championship (twenty four out of the total of forty seven hoops were shot by her) and Brianna grabbing the title of Prom Queen by a mile.

But suddenly, they discover a mystical secret concealed between their bedroom. Before you can say “a tube of lavender lip gloss,” trouble finds the two sisters and is determined to hunt them down.

In a quest that will reveal their bravery, truth and faith, the two twins embark on a journey which sheds light on what’s really important in life.

Cool, right?? I mean, it sounds tempting to read, doesn’t it?? If you read the back of this book in a library, would you be interested in taking it home?? I think I would!!!!!

I guess.


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