5.5.2103, Sunday, 9:26 am

Okay, so I got up at six in at morning. SIX!!!! Can you believe it??? It’s my freaking Summer holidays, and its a Sunday!! Mum woke me up because we have some lame fish auction that’s held annually to sell all the fish in the lake. First of all, I’m a vegetarian, and there is NO WAY that I would benefit from going to a “fish harvesting” thing and secondly, there were fishes crawling atop each other, fighting to breathe on dry land, a sight that makes me want to personally assassinate every non-vegetarian alive (except some non veggies, like my mum).

What kind of people have we (supposedly) evolved into?? Can’t we just let the Circle of Life run smoothly?? What is wrong with humankind?? Anyway, once we reached the stretch of land where the bidding begins, I wanted to leave immediately (you will not believe the number of , but mum didn’t let me, as she though it was an “experience” all the same. Um, yeah. Clearly, our tastes differ with a large margin. But, seriously, how could someone enjoy squirming in the muddy lake, searching for fish?? Mum once told me that fishing is a way to relax your mind and body. If this is considered fishing, I am at a loss for words.


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