3.5.2013, Friday, 3:18 pm

Karate classes resume today. YES!!!! I miss karate so so much… I can’t believe it has only been a month. Time drags on when you’re waiting for something real bad, huh? Oh, and I went for a swimming session yesterday. My cousin, Justine, had enrolled herself for the classes yesterday, too, so we’ll be meeting up quite often now a days.

Come to think about it, from now on, my Sundays are going to go from relaxed to strenuous. I mean, I’ll have to go from eight to ten thirty (in the morning, mind you) for my weapons training. Immediately after I reach home after the grueling class, I’ll have to shove my mouth with scorching hot toast and change from my sweaty karate uniform to a semi-decent jersey and rush of to my music class with my sister at my heels. After impressing my music sir, I’ll dash back home and quickly stuff down my lunch. Then, after my afternoon meal, I’ll jog to the study where I’ll spend a good two hours typing furiously on the computer keyboard, updating my blog and cracking crosswords. As soon as 120 minutes are done, I’ll have to change from my comfy shorts to my swimsuit and then be driven to my swimming session. When that is over, I’ll be chauffeured by my poor mum back home, where I’ll be stuffed with my dinner and then tucked into bed. When I wake up, puff! Like magic, it’s the next day.

Gosh, I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about it.


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