27.4.2013, Saturday, 5:43 pm (Dubai Time)

Omigosh!!!!!!!! You will NOT believe what just happened….. Not in a ZILLION years.So I’ve decided to let you in on it. Guess what?? Mum has committed a HUGE error. We are not taking off tomorrow… We are leaving TODAY!!!!!!!! I mean, not today, today, but practically today, because we realised that our flight is taking off on the 28th April…at
midnight!!!!! I mean, our flight departs at 12:05 tomorrow, but, come on!!! We have to be at the airport today, right?? I was so looking forward to spending a whole day relaxing at Sabu’s place, but, sadly, that is not to be.
And, get this! Just because we are departing tonight (or, to be more precise, tomorrow morning) my trip with Andrea (one of Sabu’s nieces) to the House-Of-Horrors is officially cancelled!!! N And Iwas SO looking forward to it. Andrea (who has been there before) says that they narrate a story the beginning and then they put you in a scene where it feels like you are IN the story!!! How cool is that????
Too bad I’ll NEVER be able to enter. 😦

Sabu cooking our (probably) last meal in Dubai…


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