26.4.2013, Friday, 9:48 pm

So today, we went to the Dubai Dolphinarium, with the intention of nabbing four tickets to the eleven o’clock dolphin-and-seal show. But, as my sister woke up at ten thirty, that plan didn’t exactly happen. So, as we were already there, we booked coupons for the three fifteen show instead. Our next strategic plan was to stroll around the park and then attend the show which was going to take place in the next couple of hours.
That was the plan, anyway. What actually happened is a whole different story.
We discovered the MIRROR MAZE which just opened, and so my sis and I paid the admission fee and went inside. But it was quite (I wouldn’t say scary) confusing. Not that confusing, though. I mean, we ended up leading a bunch of Japanese girl to the exit and then searching for the entrance again. Just for the heck of it, you know??? Anyway, after the maze, we (sis and I) watched a five minute 5D movie, Dead House, which really spooked me. A lot. So much so, that I couldn’t look into another the cupboard the res of the day. Honest.
After the film, we crunched up three tubs if popcorn and then decided to go outside for some fresh air before the show.
I was rambling around the gardens when I spotted a pair of swings. I asked mom whether I could “play” (or whatever) for some time and she was like, yeah, sure. So I went that and hung around for about an hour. After sixty minutes, I started trotting back to the picnic spot my mum and Sabu chose to rest on, but they WERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!
I didn’t freak out or anything, but I went to a nearby shopkeeper and asked him for the way to the Dolphinarium. He directed me to it, and so I wentthere, thinking they (mum, Sabu and sis) would eventually come there and then chance upon me, as (duh) they would come there at three for the dolphin show.
So I entered the Dolphinarium’s lounge and promptly dozed off. I woke up with a start as the weird guy in the shark costume began approaching me. Dodging startled people, I dashed outside, only to see mom.
Apparently, mum, Sabu and sis had begun panicking when they noticed my absence and quickly set off to search for me. Mum said that we had twenty minutes for the show to begin, but she was starving, so we grabbed a quick bite and then head off for the show. I have two words for the dolphins and seals. FAN-TASTIC!!!!!!
It w

Now I am at Sabu’s place, and mum and she are trying to choose something for us to do tonight. tomorrow we are going to the cinema…… so THAT’S settled, then!!!!!!


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