26.4.2013, Friday, 10:13 am

Three days. The days left for me to depart from this beautiful place, Dubai. I kind of feel, right now at least, that I have the best of both world at this kind of situation, because I have my karate to look forward to upon reaching home, and I really miss my family and my home.
Plus, I have come to a conclusion. (Which is rather irrelevant at the moment, come to think about it) Dork Diaries, the series of books about unpopular teen Nikki Maxwell, is just a cross between Wimpy kid and the Princess diaries series. It doesn’t even have a very nice back story. I mean, the whole book is really predictable. But, whatever. That’s just my opinion.
I was introduced to Dork Diaries by Shanelle, my mom’s friend’s elder daughter. Shanelle gifted me the first two Dork diary books. 🙂
Shanelle’s younger sis, Serena, is too cute for words. Seriously.The whole time we were at their place, (w went there day before) we played on the wii and just hung out. Oops, mom is bellowing for me. More later.


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