22.4.2013, Monday, 10:59 am (Dubai Time)

Yeah, I know I haven ‘t blogged (sorry, diary-ed) in a while, but, hey!! I mean, what do you expect?? I spent the last couple days just recovering from my shock and excitement of this LARGE place. Dubai is WAY better than I expected, to tell youths truth. it has all these glam boutiques and yummy eateries…. You know what?? Let me tell you all the I have done in these last couple of days, okay??

1) Visited THREE absolutely gigantic and gorgeous malls.
2) Saw the largest garden on earth, a.k.a the Miracle Garden.
3) Entered a beautiful aquarium that has a Guinness World Record in it’s pocket.
4) Played (and hopefully learned something) at the Sharjah Science Centre.
5) Spotted and took pictures of the Burj Kaliffa.
6) Chewed a wad of gum from the candy dispenser!!!!! (I know, it probably doesn’t seem like a very exciting thing to eat a sweet from a machine, but, trust me, I have ALWAYS wanted to try this out)
7) Actually drank a sip of 7up, but felt like puking immediately after, because I felt a burning sensation in my throat and my nose started flaring. (Maybe because I haven’t ever had a cold drink before…)
8) Dined at an actual fast food joint. You will not believe how bad McDonald’s actually tastes. The fries were okay-ish, but the drink and the burger weren’t nice at all. Then again, maybe it’s just another matter you need to get used to.
9) Played at an arcade. I have done that before, but this arcade was WAY better than the one I previously patronised. And Sabu said that it wasn’t even a big arcade, so fingers crossed!!

So, now you are up to speed!! You can see that there have been a whole lot of new experiences and excellent memories. One thing I forgot to mention is that everything in Dubai is BIG. I remember arriving the Dubai mall, and thinking, ‘Gosh, that is so much bigger than anything I have EVER set my eyes one,’ and you know what??? It turns out, what I thought was the mall, actually was just the PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To put it in simple words, one could say, ‘Taylor Skarr is the country bumpkin.


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