18.4.2013, Friday, 12:00 am (Dubai Time)

Okay, let me explain (in detail) what happened since the beginning of today:

11:00 am- Wake up and fix breakfast.
12:00 pm- finished my “early” morning meal. Settled down to to read an eBook on my Kindle. Was abruptly stopped by Sabrina aunty who insisted that she take me for a tour around her building. Grudgingly agreed.
12:01 pm- Requested by Sabrina aunty to call her Sabu. found it quite awkward.
1:56 pm: Settled on the sofa to watch a 3D movie. Sabu then announced that she didn’t have to work, so we set off to see where fate would lead us.
7:06 pm- Emerged from the Dubai Mall after a day of sightseeing, shopping and excitement. We attended the fountain show and saw the majestic Burj. It was magnificent.
8:47 pm- Entered “CHIN CHIN” a Chinese eatery for some food.
9: 59 pm- Reached Sabu’s place.
10:09 pm- Saw the movie BRAVE while mom chatted with dad.
12:32 pm- Writing in my DIARY!!!!!!!


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