16.4.2013, Wednesday, 9:28 pm

My parents came back with my sister from their short trip downtown about two hours ago. Dad kicked up his feet as soon as he arrived and requested me to massage his legs with lavender oil. How could I refuse?? Especially since he just deposited 28$ into my account for the previous rubs I’d given him???

While my parent’s were gone, I surfed the internet, cracked a couple of crosswords, watered the garden (some more) and basically just hung around. What else could I do, really? Oh, I also watched VH1 on the telly and spent a solid hour singing along to my favorite tracks (including “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson and “Call me, Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. How can someone NOT like those songs?? They’re just too AWESOME!!!!!).

Mum says that as soon as I wake up tomorrow and finish my watering, I will have to take a shower and change, because we will leave the house at 12:30 am… Leave the house and go where??? I’ll tell you… To the AIRPORT!!!!!!! I cannot believe that from one month of anticipating this Dubai trip, it has become one DAY before I land there!!!!!!!!! Mum says that ACTING a bit melodramatic about the whole issue and that I need to “relax a bit.” HOW CAN I RELAX WHEN I AM PERFECTLY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT IN EXACTLY TWENTY-FOUR HOURS FROM THIS VERY MOMENT I WILL BE APPROACHING A DIFFERENT COUNTRY???????????????



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