16.4.2013, Wednesday, 11:55 am (Exactly)

Okay, so I woke up this morning at around 8:30, with the WORST sore throat you could ever imagine. Still, ignoring the excruciating pain, I dragged myself out of bed and scrubbed my teeth. Then, I neatly combed my hair and changed from my vermilion  nightie to a new-balance jersey and swallowed a pill that actually works miracles because the windpipe-agony ended right away!

So I jumped off the bed and dashed of to the garden where I singled out a muddy, green hose and began watering one of the ginormous flower beds when mom woke up. She asked me what I was doing and then sauntered back to the house. She and dad usually water the garden with me, but today they seemed… inactive. Mom said that she picked up a fever. I guess dad just didn’t feel up to it (watering, I mean).

Oh my gosh!! I just remembered that at this time tomorrow, I will be five minutes away from the airport. In the airport, there will be a flight that will take me to… DUBAI!!!!! I can’t believe that there’s only one day left… Dad has let me download a book on my kindle for the journey in the aircraft. 🙂 Actually, the Kindle isn’t mine mine, but as I’m the one who takes care of it and the only person who uses it, I have slowly begun acting like as if it is my own.Oh, and swimming classes got over yesterday. It was quite an exciting lesson, with solo-races and relays and stuff.

Though daddy claims that he is not in the least envious of us because we are going to Dubai (Why should he be?? He is the one who insisted that we go alone), I know that deep down, he secretly desires to travel with us to the far of land we have never trod upon. Which reminds me, mom has assigned me to do some research on Dubai, about its temperature, people and all, so I’d better be going. 😉



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