14.4.2013, Sunday, 3:01 pm

In exactly three days from now, I will be entering the airliner that will safely transfer me from Goa to DUBAI!!!!!!! I am so EXCITED, that I cannot stop hyperventilating. Mom is freaking out because my hair isn’t cut and we haven’t found a suitable pair of jeans for Kathryn. I am visiting the hairdressers tomorrow and I am going to trade my charcoal tresses for a shag styled cut. I have always wanted a shag styled cut.

I have just realized that it is already time for me to start dressing up for my swimming lessons. I can’t BELIEVE that today is the second last class. It is too surreal. Time does fly in the blink of an eye. Oh, and I made a friend in the pool, yesterday. Her name… I didn’t really catch her name, but she is a flaxen, Christian girl who migrated from Kuwait a couple years ago. I may never meet her again. Strange, isn’t it?? How one can loose touch so easily.

Mom is yelping for me to start changing. I think this is where I say, ‘Coming, mom!!’



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