12.4.2013, Friday, 9:56 am

Thank God for shiny chart paper and glitter pens!! I managed to create a card for gramma’s birthday that looks like it has been though over, but in reality was made in thirty minutes. Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?? Today is going to be a day of fun and surprises, mom says.

First, we are going to visit the mall for some sneakers and jumpers for our trip (TO DUBAI!!!!!!!! IN FIVE DAYS!!!!!!). Then we drop in at gramma’s for birthday cake and opening presents. After that mom, Kathryn and I rush off home to change into swim suits and speedily drive off to Paula’s Beach Retreat for our swimming lessons. And to end the day, gramma is treating the whole family to a dinner at gourmet restaurant “Peppers”.

I cannot believe that on Friday next week, I would have already reached Dubai and completed one day. I cannot believe that in FIVE DAYS I will be in an airliner, reading classics on my Amazon Kindle while my mother and sister watch movies on our tablet. It is to bizarre too even think about.

You must be thinking, “Why is she getting so excited and hyper about a trip to DUBAI???? It’s not even in a different CONTINENT!!!” But if you were in my place, you would totally understand my emotions, trust me. Mom is hollering above my shoulder. She says that I have to clean up the mess in my bedroom. Bye!!!!!!



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