8.4.2013, Monday, 1:53pm

Just came back from shopping with mom. Didn’t we buy a lot!! Gosh, I’m getting so excited about Dubai!! It’s not yet registered in my mind though. It’s expected, right? I mean, it’s not EVERYDAY that I go abroad, that’s for sure.

My mum and sis are solving a Sudoku. Dad and I were just finishing a crossword. So much for family bonding.

I’ve just realized that this crossword thing is getting kind of obsessive. Well, it’s a good habit to have, right?

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my buddies (who has come over to visit) , Sky, has just peeked over my shoulder and  know knows that I maintain a DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What am I going to DO???????? Sky is nice and all, but she is part of the school newspaper (like me). If she gets a nice piece of news, she makes sure that she juices out every drop. If my mates find out that I talk to a JOURNAL, I’ll never hear the end of it!!!

It looks like this is the end of this entry. I have to bribe Sky to keep her mout shut (somehow).


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