7.4.2013, 3:02, Sunday

I think I forgot to introduce myself. Hola, in that case. The name’s Taylor. Taylor Skarr. I have a younger (101% irritating and annoying) sister, Kathryn, and an adorable Labrador, Fuchsia. I live in a tastefully done up manor built on a patch of country. I have a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from composing songs to karate to writing.

My life isn’t really great right now because:

1) School has broken up for the Summer. I know, I’m supposed to be happy and all, but I have a couple of great pals who I won’t be able to meet until the next academic year begins. I may NEVER be able to meet them again because,

2) I have applied for the best boarding in the country and have been put on the wait list. I’m trying to think positively (e.g: I’m going to get through. NOTHING is going to stop me) But I know that the chances are somewhere near nil.

My life is great because I’m going to Dubai this Summer and my life is (normally) perfect.

Oops, I got to go. Mom is calling me for my swimming courses. I love swimming. Yippee!! (Whatever)



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