6.4.2013, 7:32 pm, Saturday

Okay, so who does Aunt Maribel think she is?? She has assigned mom to make sure I write in this stupid diary at least thrice week. Like as if I have nothing else to do!! Okay, fine, it’s Summer vacation and all, but so WHAT?? She, frankly, doesn’t have the right. And mom totally gave in to the dumb plan!! What is happening to the world I live in??

And you will not believe what my punishment is. No electronic devices for the upcoming month!!! She can’t do this to me! (Can she??)

That’s it for today’s… um, entry. I don’t want to, but I guess I am going to have to pay you a lot of visits, huh, diary?? Whatever. My mates will get hysterical if they find out that I have been interacting with A BOOK. Gosh, I am such a lunatic.



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